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Having deep theoretical knowledge in specific areas, supported by the wide practice of their application, the AGTL team has no opportunity and desire not to share them with you through full or partial outsourcing of business processes, using exclusively innovative technologies for their optimization.

What do we offer

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    A full range of services to support your activities and related legal, accounting, financial, tax and personnel issues.

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    We have highly qualified specialists in the field of finance, HR, accounting and law, who have sufficient experience to solve your business problems.

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    Expert opinion based on a complete and comprehensive analysis of the factors affecting the result of specific actions. The narrow specialization ensures the quality of services.

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    AGTL is a dedicated team of certified professionals from CAP, ACCA DipIFR, attorneys, lawyers. And this is the main guarantee of your success.

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    We make our cooperation with you the most comfortable and offer an individual approach for each of them.

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    We delve into the specifics of your business, adapt and optimize business processes for the unique conditions and preferences of each of our clients.

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    AGTL offers at least three most optimal alternative solutions for your choice, from which you will choose the most suitable one for you.

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    Practical experience

    You use best practices, latest innovations, trends, and market demands.

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    Industry specialization

    Industry specialization. We know and understand the specifics of each separate branch of business and jurisprudence demanded by our clients.

Our Victories


With which the AGTL team can provide you with:

  • 01 Competitive advantage

    Our knowledge, skills and experience will become your competitive advantage. We provide an opportunity to predict risks, “highlight” the map of movement directions.

  • 02 Warranty

    We provide legal protection of our recommendations to reduce business risks both before regulatory and judicial authorities. The guarantees are specified in the contract.

  • 03 Teamwork

    We have highly qualified specialists in the field of finance, HR, accounting and law, with sufficient experience to solve your business problems.

  • 04 Just about complicated

    We provide specific, easy-to-understand workflows with step-by-step instructions for your staff.

  • 05 Reducing risks

    We are responsible for the quality of services – insurance of tax risks and compensation for damage in case of mistakes.

  • 06 Confidentiality

    The information of your company received by us in the course of providing services is confidential.

  • 07 Convenience and comfort

    Our specialists provide services both in our office and remotely, as well as directly in your office.

  • 08 Additional income

    By receiving services, you not only recoup your investment, but also multiply their return.

  • 09 Calm and confidence

    We find a balance between legal requirements, business interests and the “desires” of regulatory authorities. The decisions you make will give you confidence and fight your fears.

  • 10 Saving money

    By outsourcing business processes to us, you get quality services at a lower cost than maintaining full-time employees. You choose only those services of highly qualified specialists that you need.

How these benefits will help you:

Our team

Khmelnitsky Bogdan Mikhailovich

Khmelnitsky Bogdan Mikhailovich,

Land lawyer

Khmelnitsky Bogdan Mikhailovich

Khmelnitsky Bogdan Mikhailovich,

Land lawyer

Khmelnitsky Bogdan Mikhailovich

Khmelnitsky Bogdan Mikhailovich,

Land lawyer

Khmelnitsky Bogdan Mikhailovich

Khmelnitsky Bogdan Mikhailovich,

Land lawyer

Khmelnitsky Bogdan Mikhailovich

Khmelnitsky Bogdan Mikhailovich,

Land lawyer

Clients about us


AGTL Харьков | адвокат юрист по уголовным семейным земельным жилищным трудовым делам недвижимости дтп
  • Валерий Рябчунов Валерий Рябчунов 01.28.2020

    Сегодня были на консультации в данной фирме, нашли их через интернет. Записались по телефону на 10:00. Приехав на консультацию, нас встретил приятный молодой человек (Гринцов Александр), вникнув в нашу проблему, указал на ошибки, подсказал куда обращаться и рассказал что делать дальше. Предложил свои услуги если мы не сможем до конца разобраться самостоятельно. В целом консультацией и общением остались довольны. Рекомендую данного юриста, так как видно, что человек специалист в своей области.

  • Алёна Васильева Алёна Васильева 07.16.2020

    Очень ценю Вашу работу! И благодарю за профессионализм!)

  • Валерий Алдошин Валерий Алдошин 06.18.2020

    Благодарю за грамотную и оперативную юридическую помощь… Спасибо!

  • Татьяна Левищева Татьяна Левищева 08.24.2020

    Спасибо за профессионально оказанную помощь!

  • Елена Никитина Елена Никитина 09.10.2020

    Спасибо за юридическую консультацию!

  • Ирина Kовалева Ирина Kовалева 10.23.2018

    Компетентный и грамотный консультант. Помог разобраться с моим случаем и сделать всё быстро. Очень довольна.

  • маша єгорова маша єгорова 11.07.2018

    Квалифицированный специалист ,с которым приятно иметь дело.

  • Pavel UA Pavel UA 12.24.2018

    Это лучшая налоговая консультация, которую мне когда либо удавалось получить. Огромное спасибо!

  • виктор мицкевич виктор мицкевич 03.18.2019

    Сердечно благодарен за предоставленную юр консультацию мне реально помагли

  • Маргарита Прокопчук Маргарита Прокопчук 04.30.2019

    Спасибо большое за консультацию очень помогла

  • Valera Zloy Valera Zloy 12.14.2018

    Благодарю вас за консультацию! Ваши советы мне очень помогли. Всего вам хорошего.

  • Vital Pal Vital Pal 05.30.2019

    Индивидуальный подход, абсолютно порядочный, успешный!

  • Ігор Томаш Ігор Томаш 11.23.2018

    благодарю за полученную юридическую консультацию

  • Валентина Сергеева Валентина Сергеева 12.21.2018

    отличная работа, благодарю

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