Legal advice for 50 USD

Legal advice

Is a decision in which you are not exactly sure whether you need legal assistance or the services of a lawyer.

Who said that in order to achieve the expected result, you need exactly the service that you are looking for now? Do you have a guarantee that this is exactly the service that will lead to the desired result?

We, personally, no!

From experience, we know that customers’ questions (problems) of interest can be solved in other – alternative ways that are much faster, better and cheaper than the services that customers are initially interested in. For example, it is not always necessary to write a statement of claim and participate in court, as is usually imposed by the lion’s share of lawyers and attorneys, knowing full well that they can make good money on this, but the client does not need it at all! Need legal advice?

Still wondering whether to choose AGTL?

  • If Do you need legal help?
  • If Are you suddenly in trouble?
  • If Your rights have been violated?
If you are afraid that because of this you may lose:
  • – money;
  • – the property;
  • – health;
  • – or even freedom.

and / or you are tired of “empty” promises and inaction of lawyers and attorneys, then we guarantee that by contacting us,
You will receive the expected result with the help of legal advice!

Reasons, why you will be comfortable with
  • 1 A personal meeting

    We will not voice the answer to the question you are interested in over the phone without thoroughly understanding the details of your situation, as 95% of lawyers and attorneys do, who do not care if you lose your apartment, house, car, health, lost wages, freedom, etc. .d., because our main task is “DO NOT HARM YOU”

  • 2 Full hour of consultation

    We will invite you to our office, where our lawyer for a whole hour:

    – Carries out a detailed analysis of your legal situation

    – Carries out a detailed analysis of the documents you have provided

    – Carries out a full consultation with answers to all your questions Prepares an official legal opinion: “Is your question a legal problem” that needs to be addressed or not.

  • 3 If your question is NOT a problem?

    Our lawyer will absolutely provide a formal legal opinion that you have nothing to worry about and … You can safely go home without incurring additional costs!

  • 4 If your question WILL be a problem?

    Our lawyer will provide an official legal opinion that “Your question needs to be resolved”, as well as within the framework of the consultation:

    – Will announce all the negative consequences for you if this problem is not resolved<br>

    – Will develop a detailed step-by-step algorithm for solving the problem by completing actions according to which you can independently, without paying us a penny, get the result you expect and … You can safely go home without incurring additional costs!

  • 5 Should you need the help of one of our lawyers / attorneys?

    – We will develop at least 3 options for solving your legal problem (tariffs) according to the principle: better, faster, cheaper, after which.

  • 6 YOU choose

    You yourself will be able to choose the tariff that suits you: from free (step-by-step algorithm for achieving the result) or the cheapest one for 500 hryvnias, to the “turnkey result” tariff, in which you will not need to delve into exactly how the issue will be resolved, and You will be able to get from us the ready-made result you expect!

  • 7 We will do EVERYTHING you need

    After the conclusion of the contract, we:

    – We will transfer the materials of your case to the head of the quality control department, who will select for you the best lawyers / attorneys of our Company specializing in resolving issues to which your question relates (specialization of law)

    – We will transfer your case for execution to the best lawyerrn– We will daily monitor the terms and quality of our lawyer’s work in your casern– We will achieve the expected result for yourn

    – We will collect the cost of our legal services from your “offender” Thus, you will get the expected result without incurring additional costs!

Benefits of consultation


1.Complex of legal services

At a legal consultation held in our office, you are guaranteed to receive a range of legal services, for which other companies charge from 1000 hryvnia:

  • #

    Legal advice – at least one hour

  • #

    Analysis of your situation and legal analysis of documents

  • #

    Legal opinion: does your problem exist as such

  • #

    Legal opinion: is there a solution

  • #

    Negative consequences of NOT solving a legal problem

  • #

    Development of a step-by-step algorithm for achieving a result

  • #

    Development of several options for solving a legal problem

  • #

    Detailed answers to all questions by our lawyer

  • #

    Detailed legal advice


2.Legal services are provided by professionals

The qualifications of each lawyer in our company are 100% confirmed, because AGTL personnel service staff:

  • #

    Conducted a competitive selection of lawyers and attorneys wishing to work for AGTL

  • #

    Selected from among the most highly qualified

  • #

    We determined each specialist’s strengths (branches of law)

  • #

    Each specialist is regularly tested for professional suitability

  • #

    Timely completion by employees of refresher courses and trainings

  • #

    We regularly invest heavily in updating our regulatory information bases


3.Multilevel quality control of legal services

In addition to a specialized specialist, your case is supervised by several AGTL employees:

  • I

    Legal services quality control specialist (receiving feedback from clients on the quality of work of lawyers / attorneys)

  • II

    Head of Legal Services Quality Control Department (control)

  • III

    Director (guaranteed opportunity of the client to report shortcomings in the work of employees personally to the Director and the Owner of the Company)


4.You are getting

In aggregate, 500%guarantees. If you don’t believe it, do the math:

  • 100 %

    guarantees of a positive solution to a legal problem

  • 100 %

    the best conditions for cooperation in the legal market

  • 100 %

    receiving service

  • 100 %

    guarantees of satisfaction with work with AGTL employees

  • 100 %

    the best price in the legal market

Why does the consultation cost only UAH 500?

  • 1

    After holding a complex of free above-described events worth more than UAH 1000, you yourself will be able to choose the tariff that suits you: the cheapest one for 500 UAH, before the “turnkey result” tariff. In this case, you will not need to delve into exactly how the issue will be resolved. At the same time, you will be able to get from us a ready-made result you expect – this is a free consultation of a lawyer and a lawyer!

  • 2

    If you use our services, but we do not achieve the expected result for you, you will not spend a penny on our services!

  • 3

    If you use paid services and we achieve the expected result for you, we will collect the costs that you incurred for our legal services from the “losing” party!

How effective is legal advice by phone or online?

Legal advice by phone and online is the most convenient way to get the right answer to a legal question. You can get legal assistance by calling the hotline and on all your legal questions. You can consult without leaving your home. However, all the nuances of the problematic issue, its details and subtleties cannot always be conveyed. Based on practice, in most cases it is simply more efficient to conduct free full-time legal advice. Therefore, we DO NOT provide free consultations by phone or online.

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