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Lawyer for tax affairs, disputes and issues in Kharkiv. Tax lawyer and tax lawyer.


Tax lawyer. Tax lawyer in Kharkiv, Kyiv, Odessa Lawyer for tax affairs (issues…

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With which the AGTL team can provide you with:

  • 01 Competitive advantage

    Our knowledge, skills and experience will become your competitive advantage. We provide an opportunity to predict risks, "highlight" the map of movement directions.

  • 02 Warranty

    We provide legal protection of our recommendations to reduce business risks both before regulatory and judicial authorities. The guarantees are specified in the contract.

  • 03 Teamwork

    We have highly qualified specialists in the field of finance, HR, accounting and law, with sufficient experience to solve your business problems.

  • 04 Just about complicated

    We provide specific, easy-to-understand workflows with step-by-step instructions for your staff.

  • 05 Reducing risks

    We are responsible for the quality of services - insurance of tax risks and compensation for damage in case of mistakes.

  • 06 Confidentiality

    The information of your company received by us in the course of providing services is confidential.

  • 07 Convenience and comfort

    Our specialists provide services both in our office and remotely, as well as directly in your office.

  • 08 Additional income

    By receiving services, you not only recoup your investment, but also multiply their return.

  • 09 Calm and confidence

    We find a balance between legal requirements, business interests and the "desires" of regulatory authorities. The decisions you make will give you confidence and fight your fears.

  • 10 Saving money

    By outsourcing business processes to us, you get quality services at a lower cost than maintaining full-time employees. You choose only those services of highly qualified specialists that you need.

How these benefits will help you:


Frequently asked questions to a lawyer

Frequently asked questions to a lawyer

What is the cost of specialist services? What is the cost of the services?

The cost of the initial consultation for individuals is UAH 500. Development of an algorithm of actions, analysis and preparation of documents – from 1000 UAH.
We remind you that each case is different. You receive several offers and choose the most suitable option for you.

If the client is not in Ukraine, will he be able to resolve his issue?

Yes, while outside Ukraine, you can get qualified advice from a specialized specialist through messengers (see Contacts), and also order a turnkey solution to the problem.

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